March Madness Day 19: Mousetrap Magnets

Congratulations on surviving the first weekend of March Madness! My beloved Wildcats won both of their games this weekend to make it to the Sweet 16 in Atlanta. They’ll face Indiana at 9:45 p.m. on Friday.

My overall bracket accuracy has decreased a bit. I’m down to 54% correct, predicting  28 of the 52 games last week.

A few weeks ago, while perusing some crafty blogs, I came across these magnetic mousetrap clips over at Suzy’s Artsy Crafty Sitcom.  I thought to myself, let’s keep the M fun going and make some March Madness Mousetrap Magnets. Behold:

I started with a four pack of mousetraps from Dollar Tree:
I don’t trust the sinister look of the mouse on that package. He’s up to no good.

I took them apart:
I didn’t need any tools for this. They came apart quite easily. Word of advice though, take a picture of the traps BEFORE you take them apart, you’ll be putting them back together later and you’ll have surely forgotten how the pieces fit if you don’t have something to reference. Also, you won’t be needing every piece later, just the springs and clip.

I painted them:

I dotted and outlined them:

Make sure the paint is totally dry between steps.

Then, with the help of my husband, I put them back together and added embellishments. Be super careful putting them back together – the wires are poky and the springs are springy and it could get dangerous and you could shoot your eye out or cut off your thumb.

I adorned them with ribbon, basketball erasers and UK stickers:

I hot glued magnets on the back. Use the strongest magnets you can find because these traps are heavier than you realize:

Now they’re ready for the fridge. Or any other metal surface.

Pretty nifty, right? I can envision so many uses for these and so many different themes as well. They’re super inexpensive too if you have a stash of craft supplies all you need are the traps, which you can get for a $1.

Thanks for reading. Go Cats!

I’m linking up to these parties today: Skip to My Lou, C.R.A.F.T. and You’re Talking Too Much. Check ’em out.


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