March Madness Day 22: Big Blue Tutu

My friend Rachel’s adorable daughter, Bella, is turning one in a couple of weeks. Rachel and her husband, Josh, are raising Bella up right to be a University of Kentucky fan and I wanted to send her something fun to wear for her first NCAA basketball tournament.

I started with some supplies from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s:
I measured the elastic to 17 inches. The measurements were based on infant and toddler sizes my mom found online and sent to me.

I sewed the elastic into a circle until stitching the thread until I was confident a 1-year-old couldn’t destroy it:

I found blue and white tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby:

I cut tulle into strips and knotted it around the elastic:

I used a pattern of six blue and six white strips of tulle all the way around the elastic:

I took a plain white onesie, which I washed regularly and dried without a dryer sheet:

I took some fabric paint and the back of an Exacto  knife:

I used the handle of a gift bag and some binder clips to hold it in place to use as a guideline:

I made “beads” across the gift bag handle:

I made three strands across the neck of the onesie:

I sewed on a blue ribbon bow:

Now, Bella can be totally decked out for tomorrow night’s UK game against Indiana.

Also, here’s the birthday gift tag made on the Cricut (blue and white, obviously):

Happy Birthday, Bella!

Thanks for reading. Go Cats!



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