Field trip: Please and Thank You cafe

I’m keeping a running list of eateries and attractions in the Louisville area that I want to visit. It’s growing by the day, there are so many interesting things in the city that I’m yearning to see and eat. Please and Thank You was one of them. Raving reviews for this cafe just kept popping up, online and in magazines, so when I was in downtown Louisville recently and my family happened upon it I knew I had to check it out.

The cafe is on East Market Street and catches your eye with this polite sign.

I was visiting Please and Thank You with my parents, my husband and my brother. Not everyone in our party wanted to try a beverage or treat so we didn’t order very much. However, what we tasted was delicious. Like this crumb cake my mom and I split:
It was so buttery and moist. Mmm.

And this lemonade with pretty sprigs of mint:

And a simple black coffee:

Please and Thank You is run by a husband and wife duo. The wife does the baking and the husband oversees the record listening side of things. They have dozens of records to peruse:
They’ll even buy old records from you.

There are also souvenirs available for purchase:


It was a cute little cafe, reasonably priced with lots of homemade goodies and rockin’ music to check out.

I was pleased and thankful that I stopped by Please and Thank You.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton.


4 thoughts on “Field trip: Please and Thank You cafe

    • Thanks for the nice comment. It’s a drinks and pastries place. Although there are savory and sweet pastries, so perhaps you could make a breakfast or lunch meal out of it.

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