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What I scored: Week 20

This was a delightful week for mailbox freebies, in addition to a plethora of reading materials, I scored some great coupons, food samples and adult diapers. Woohoo.

Check it out:
-Men’s Depends sample and coupon
-Women’s Depends sample and coupon
-Lowe’s Creative idea book
-A week of Wall Street Journal newspapers
-Barron’s newspaper
-Lakeshore Learning coupon
-Kelapo coconut oil sample
-Everyday Food magazine
-Nurse appreciation magnets (shout out to my nurse readers, thanks for your hard work!)
-Wine Spectator magazine
-Lighting magazine
-Autoweek magazine
-Ebony magazine
-Whole Living magazine
-More magazine
-Harley Davidson sticker
-Computer Power User magazine
-Latina magazine
-Popular Mechanics magazine
-Hot Bike magazine
-Women’s Health magazine
-Health magazine
-Smart Money magazine
-Gevalia coffee sample from Target and coupon
-W magazine
-Newsweek magazine
-Country Life magazine
-Opera News magazine
-Parents magazine
-BabyTalk magazine
-Dole Real Fruit bites
-WhoDunit Mystery Club starter kit

Also,  yesterday was the last day for students in my school district. I don’t consider gifts freebies but these are too cute and an affordable end of the year gift so I wanted to share:
Chalkboard paint on a clay pot with a piece of chalk tied on for fun summer messages, pretty flowers (which were prettier before the pot dumped over onto my car floor on my drive home from school) and a fun giant ant clip.

Bottle of water covered with scrapbook paper and the tag “For a TEA-riffic teacher” with a peach tea drink mix tied on. Super adorable.

What about your week? Score any fabulous deals? If so, I’d love to hear all about them in the comments.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton!


Field trip: BoomBozz

Please don’t groan, yes this is another post related to pizza. Get used to ’em, because pizza is the one food my husband and I can agree on and trying out pizza places is one activity we enjoy doing together. So you can count on more pizza posts on this blog. It’s just inevitable.

This time, we took a little trip to BoomBozz in Westport Village in Louisville. We went on a Saturday night to celebrate Mother’s Day with my parents, and my brother and sister-in-law.

We didn’t try the taphouse part, only the pizza.

The decor is quirky:

There’s a huge projector and multiple large TVs playing various sporting events throughout the entire restaurant:

For a Saturday night the service was good, our waiter kept our glasses filled and delivered our food in a timely fashion. We ordered cheese breadsticks for an appetizer and three New York-style pizzas for the 6 of us:

Two cheese and one pepperoni, here’s one of the cheese (we go simple with our toppings):

Admire ooey-gooeyness of this single slice:

It wasn’t cheap, but we were able to get a happy hour discount and an additional $12 taken off our bill by doing their text promotion. If you text Boombozz to a given number you could win a free large pizza, pretty much everyone at my table texted, but only my husband won the free pizza. Since our order didn’t include a large pizza, our server just took off the $12 value. That was helpful with our bill.

The food was good, but the company is really what made the experience. It’s lovely spending a Saturday night over pizza with family.

You can find more information about BoomBozz on their website here.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton!

Weisenberger pizza dough review

My husband, Talon,  and I adore bread, marinara, cheese and garlic. I’ve documented that before here and here. We like to try new variations on our favorite so when I found this locally branded pizza crust mix I knew Talon would be down with taste testing it:
It’s packaged in Midway, a Kentucky city about 2 hours away from Louisville. You can read more about the Weisenberger Mill on their website. I found this mix at Reardon’s Market in Crestwood, Ky. for about $2.

I mixed the dough according to package instructions (just add water!):
I used a fork and hot water as directed by the instructions, but it was still a little lumpy. Above is what the dough looks like after resting in a warm place for 30 minutes covered in oil.

Talon and I decided to make it into cheese bread and dunk it in marinara so I spread out the dough on a baking sheet and topped it with seasonings such as garlic and Italian herbs as well as olive oil and shredded mozzarella cheese:
The package says it’ll make a 12- to 14-inch pie. So if you have a big family or many guests you’d definitely need more than one package of the dough mix.

It bakes for 10 minutes in a 500-degree oven:

We sliced it into squares and served it with marinara, but you could also serve with other dips such as garlic butter or ranch dressing:
My assessment? It tasted fine, but was nothing that I’d go out of my way to eat or make. The crust was flaky, but not especially memorable. I do love that I was able to support a local company by purchasing the dough and that is was reasonably priced. I’d also like to try the dough with different toppings, maybe veggies and a white sauce or a dessert pizza.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton. Bon appetit!

4 ingredient peanut butter cookies

I’m a skeptic. I’m always looking for the catch when something seems too good to be true. These 4-ingredient cookies with a low calorie count had raised my doubts. I thought, “surely those will taste awful.”

I found the recipe in a recent issue of Woman’s Day magazine:
Here’s the online version, because obviously that picture is hard to read.

I mixed the ingredients in my KitchenAid mixer:
Peanut butter, egg, light brown sugar, baking soda. That’s it.

Then dropped them by heaping teaspoonfuls onto a greased baking sheet (the recipe says to drop by level teaspoonfuls, but I prefer heaping. I didn’t want quarter sized cookies):
I was able to get 12 cookies out of the dough using the heaping teaspoonful size.

They bake in 8 minutes at 350 degrees. Then they melt in your mouth:
So easy. So yummy. And even when you double the size, still under 80 calories per cookie. Tasting is believing.

These are definitely becoming part of my baking arsenal. They are wonderful as is, but I could even see spicing them up with some chopped nuts or chocolate chips.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton.

Field trip: Please and Thank You cafe

I’m keeping a running list of eateries and attractions in the Louisville area that I want to visit. It’s growing by the day, there are so many interesting things in the city that I’m yearning to see and eat. Please and Thank You was one of them. Raving reviews for this cafe just kept popping up, online and in magazines, so when I was in downtown Louisville recently and my family happened upon it I knew I had to check it out.

The cafe is on East Market Street and catches your eye with this polite sign.

I was visiting Please and Thank You with my parents, my husband and my brother. Not everyone in our party wanted to try a beverage or treat so we didn’t order very much. However, what we tasted was delicious. Like this crumb cake my mom and I split:
It was so buttery and moist. Mmm.

And this lemonade with pretty sprigs of mint:

And a simple black coffee:

Please and Thank You is run by a husband and wife duo. The wife does the baking and the husband oversees the record listening side of things. They have dozens of records to peruse:
They’ll even buy old records from you.

There are also souvenirs available for purchase:


It was a cute little cafe, reasonably priced with lots of homemade goodies and rockin’ music to check out.

I was pleased and thankful that I stopped by Please and Thank You.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton.

Field Trip: The Flea off Market

This past Saturday my family and I made a trip to visit the Flea off Market in downtown Louisville. It’s a once a month event where vendors set up booths or tables to hawk their wares. It was my first time attending and the anticipation had grown greatly since I started following their Facebook page a month ago.

It was a beautiful, if somewhat overcast day, not too hot and not too cold, so weather was favorable for an outside event. It did take a couple of swings around the block to find parking, but the actual event wasn’t that crowded.

I’m not a fan of the mouse-like creature on their logo, but I love the play on words for the sign. It’s a flea market off of Market Street. Brilliant.

It wasn’t very big. Just sort of an H-shape around a couple of buildings on East Market Street. Here’s  an overview shot:

Most of the stuff was junk in my opinion, but that’s because it wasn’t really my style (if you like vintage T-shirts, records and earthy-sorts of things this is definitely a place for you). There were some things that caught my eye:
I don’t know why, but I like this piece of art.

And this spoon:
If I ate breakfast on that every morning my self-esteem would be through the roof.

This guy:
For a fee, he’ll use that typewriter to write a limerick or haiku for you on the spot. That’s skills I can respect.

A dessert truck:
I didn’t eat anything from this van, but I fully support their motto of eating dessert first.

The band:
Quite entertaining.

My group didn’t purchase anything and it only took about 30 minutes to see the whole flea market. I was expecting something bigger but I’m hopeful the event will continue to grow and that if I return in a year I’ll find more to my liking. It’s a great idea with lots of potential.

Thanks for reading At Home with Mrs. Hampton.

Mother’s Day 2012

We celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom yesterday. She and my dad came to visit my brother and I and our spouses in Louisville for a day of gallivanting around the city proclaiming her awesomeness.

My mom is the best lady you could ever meet. She is creative, funny, thoughtful, supportive, generous and practically perfect in every way.

I hope to be just like her some day:

There’s really not a gesture or gift that could truly acknowledge how fabulous she is, but I tried to come up with something I thought she’d enjoy.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t do regular gift-giving (i.e. boring) and Mother’s Day is no exception. For this year’s gift I put together a bunch of little things I thought my mom would enjoy. For example, she loves to decorate her home. So I made these trays:
They were from Target, wooden and bubblegum pink, which my mom could have worked with, but I wanted something more sophisticated so I spray painted them a warm brown and adhered white vinyl decals I cut on my Cricut. (My mom got the bottom tray, the other tray I made for my mother-in-law.)

I couldn’t just give her an empty tray so I filled it with a couple of fun treats:
Trader Joe’s banana bread mix and blue Amish Country popcorn.

I realized she would need a fabulous tray to hold her treats so I made this little stand:
Glue and spray paint are my BFFs.

I also made a tag using scrapbook paper, lettering cut from the Celebrations cartridge on my Cricut, brown ink and buttons:

Here’s the whole she-bang:
I could have wrapped it, but I really liked the idea of just presenting it as is. That would have worked except we were doing gift exchange at a restaurant and it was raining, so I had to tuck the tray and goodies into a cardboard box.

Let’s watch my mom open the box, shall we?:

Here she is getting excited (love this facial expression):

And now, joy:

I love my mom. She’s my biggest fan and most dedicated blog reader. I hope she has the happiest Mother’s Day ever.

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom readers. You inspire me. Thanks for taking time out of your busy mom schedule to read At Home with Mrs. Hampton.

What I scored: Week 19

It was a good week for mailbox freebies, including lots and lots of reading material. Looking at my magazine subscriptions you’d think I’m the most well-rounded person on earth. And I am.

See for yourself:
– 6 days of Wall Street Journal newspapers
-Barron’s newspaper
-20% off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon
-Who says justice isn’t sexy? sticker
-2 ESPN magazines
-Popular Science magazine
-2 Autoweek magazines
-Newsweek magazine
-Similiac formula $5 coupons
-Wine Spectator magazine
-Cruise Travel magazine
-Lucky magazine
-San Francisco magazine
-Forbes Life magazine
-Forbes magazine
-Jet magazine
-2 samples of hand sanitizing wipes plus coupon
-Hot Bike magazine
-Tennis magazine
-Details magazine
-Low Rider magazine
-Opera News magazine
-Horse Illustrated magazine

Also, I had a coupon for a free bag of Love Grown granola from their Valentine’s promotion that I was finally able to pick up:

Additionally, I mentioned how my school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week a couple of weeks ago. Well, some eateries took part in the festivities during this week (I think because it was Teacher Appreciation week nationally). So I was able to score this free dinner at Buca di Beppo:
Fettucini alfredo, bread and olive oil. This teacher appreciates carbs. (P.S. I did leave a tip for the waiter, so it wasn’t completely free, but still way cheaper than if I had to pay for the food.)

And for dessert, Orange Leaf Yogurt:

Fantastic freebie week. What about you? Score any swag or awesome deals?

Thanks for stopping by At Home with Mrs. Hampton.

New tool: heart pom maker

I have an affinity for pom poms (or is it pompons? I’m still undecided. I think I’ll just call them poms for short). I’ve mentioned the lovely little contraptions I use to make poms in this post and how I’ve incorporated poms into gifts in this post.

Recently I acquired this little tool:
It’s a heart-shaped pom maker. How fun.

I decided to give this new tool a whirl last weekend. Starting with these supplies:

I followed the instructions and wrapped yarn around one side:

And then wrapped yarn around the other side:

The pom maker is awfully pointy, which makes it difficult to hold. Still, wrapping the yarn around the prongs wasn’t a problem.

I cut the yarn according to package instructions:
That sure doesn’t look like a heart.

I knotted it all together with a piece of yarn:

Then I pulled the yarn off of the pom maker, again according to package directions:
That doesn’t look like a heart either.

So, I read the package instructions for further assistance. They said to trim a V and make a heart shape.

OK. Here’s what I got:
Does that look like a heart to you? Kinda? Sorta? It’s sure not as perfect and fluffy as the one on the package. And this is after about half an hour of trimming.

I thought perhaps I messed up. So I made a second one, this time following the even more detailed package instructions on the inside of the paper flap (yes, there are two sets of instructions). Here is number 2:

Pretty much exactly like number one. Still lacking the fluffiness I was looking for.

So, in conclusion, I clearly need more practice with the heart pom maker. I only had the patience to try to make two in one sitting, so I’m hoping to attack it again this weekend. There’s gotta be a trick or a step I’m missing/messing up.

What do you think? Do you have a similar heart pom maker? Any tips for getting perfect poms like those pictured on the packaging?

Regardless of my heart pom fail, my heart’s happy you stopped by to read At Home with Mrs. Hampton. Have a fantastic weekend!